Tips for Hijab

Tips For My Dear Sisters To Make Hijab An Easy Choice



One of the most difficult decisions many of us face is the decision to start wearing hijab. I have been through this whole process myself. My sincere advice to all sisters who are considering wearing hijab is to follow the few suggestions below. I hope inshaallah these will help you and diminish the fear that is holding you back from observing this beautiful practice.

There are different opinions about why a woman should wear a hijab, such as for modesty or for protection. But the real reason that we wear hijab is for the sake of Allah subhanawatala’s love and pleasure. So never hesitate to tell everyone that your reason for wearing this modest dress and a head covering is for the love and pleasure of the Almighty Allah.

Allah subhanawatala is the source of everything we have, our existence, our life and our capability. If he ever took away what he gives us, we will not be able to survive. We could never be able to repay him even if we worked for millions of years.

Once you make a decision to wear the hijab, then you have to set a day and Just do it !!!!!!!!

This is the only way. Set a day and when that day comes, you have to do it. Don’t back down. Don’t give it up. Just do it. Make lots of du’a. Do not stop making du’a. Ask Allah Subhanawatala to give you strength and patience. Ask Him to make it easy for you. Ask Him to help you. He will definitely listen to you Inshaallah. He is always there for you when you turn to Him. Remember how much He has given you, how everything that you have, even your very existence, is due to Him. Remember that He deserves this from you. Remember the promise of Jannah. Remember that remaining patient and faithful through difficulty will lead you to Jannah, Inshaallah. Even if bad things happen, don’t keep these thoughts in your mind. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Just concentrate on getting through today, and leave tomorrow to Allah subhanawatala

The other thing you need to remember is that you do not need to be perfect in iman to wear a hijab. If perfection was a qualification to wear a hijab then who on earth do you think could wear it?sisters_312_180

Do it even though you are still nervous and scared, true courage is doing what’s right. Don’t listen to the shaytan, ignore the worries and fears he whispers into your mind. Think that you will not let him keep you from obeying Allah subhanawatala and rule your life.

Take one day at a time, or even one visit at a time. Sometimes the best thing to do is to keep your mind focused on what is immediate. Allah subhanawatal will take care of the future. If you have to go out to the mall, then concentrate on being able to wear hijab just for this visit. If you get through it inshaallah, then give lot of thanks to Allah subhanawatala for making it easy for you, and turn your mind to your next visit.

You will soon realise that you have been wearing the hijab for days and then weeks, and then months now, eventually you will also realise that wearing the hijab was not as hard as you thought and by now it has become a part of you. Allah subhanawatala has helped you to get through it. Be confident about your choice. The most important thing is to have sabr and keep your trust in Allah Subhanawatala always.

Alhamdulillah we are fortunate to live in this beautiful country called New Zealand, where people accept hijab without a question or a problem. My own experience tells this as I have been working in different organisations for years now.

So sisters please make a sincere effort and make a resolution to obey Allah Almighty he will surely help you through this. Be positive and hope for the best.

Farzana Ahmed