About Us


The Kiwi Muslim Directory is the Muslim information portal in New Zealand published its  1st edition in 2009, a common platform to reach people from more than 42 ethnicity. The directory is acknowledged by the Federation of Islamic Association of NZ, (which is a Federation of several regional New Zealand Muslim Associations) and other organisations as a useful resource for the community. Today we are happy to say most of the Muslims in NZ are using Kiwi Muslim Directory.


The Kiwi Muslim Directory is to stimulate interaction within the community, which in turn will help the businesses to grow, resulting in the overall growth of the economy of our country. As a print and electronic medium, it can build a business, strengthen a brand and deliver key messages about a product to the customers.

Consumers are actively seeking information on products and services, and this Directory will provide all that and much more, in a convenient and accurate fashion. The message is clear: whether print or online, the Kiwi Muslim Directory will come in handy for all kinds of situations. A part from list of Businesses, the directory lists Muslim organizations, Muslim schools, Islamic centres, NGO’s and includes other useful information, such as Islam at a glance, prayer times, funeral guide, events& activities and much more.


Approximately there are over 50,000 Muslims (apart from visitors, work-permit holders and students) in New Zealand, most of them living in Auckland. The Kiwi Muslim Directory aims to be a unique and most helpful tool, acting as the gateway to the New Zealand Muslim community.


The distribution is conducted in a number of ways, but the main method targets the Muslim Community through Mosques and Islamic Centres nationwide.