Al Salmo Aleko,

Thank you so very much for the information you sent to me, that was really helpful thanks again, appreciated. Gazacom ALAH Kol Kher.  —  Nabil from USA

We were advised to network with fellow New Zealanders, with much chatting to people and trying to get email addresses, invites on facebook, etc no luck.  I happened to stumble upon KIWI Directory’s website and got some really nice info of masjids, muslim schools, etc.  So I took a chance and emailed KIWI Directory with no expectations.  To my surprise I got mail…….. it was KIWI Directory. Oh wow! Was I so grateful, they put me in touch with another South Africa family (which I still chat to) and I’ve been getting such nice advise about the areas, etc from their referral.  I still get KIWI Direct emails and already feel like I’m apart of a community, which is very important to me, as my husband, kids and myself will be the only family members in NZ.  May KMD grow strength by strength and may Allah reward them abundantly for there efforts for helping the community.

A big shukran to all at KMD   — Mrs. Ebrahim

May Allah (SWT) Bless You All For What You Are Doing Ameen.

MashaAllah you are doing a great job. Please keep up the good work. may Allah reward the team for their noble deeds.

Keep up the good work. Thank you

I would suggest personally you visit each and every town and visit the business in person and explain what are the benefits of advertising in your directory i think it will make big difference…and you might get more ads also give them option and discount for advertising 1yr 2yr 3yr…more longer term they sign give them discount. and give them payment options monthly/weekly due to hard time many business want to advertise but can’t find that Keep up the good work. May Allah(SWT) reward you abundantly for helping NZ Muslims to find halal places, products and businesses. I acknowledge its not easy task and requires lots of patience, investigation and background hard work.

$$$ give them some easy options…insha’ALLAH

You’ve got a great idea here but could really do with a website change. May I suggest webgenius.co.nz

Another great job done for the community.  Noeleen Van de Lisdonk, Fatimah Foundation

“It brings Al-Hikmah Trust great pleasure in voicing our support and appreciation towards the team at Muslim Directory for their excellent services by providing us with the Muslim Directory. It has served us and the community as an indispensable guide, providing us with a wealth of useful information and business contacts. Indeed the Muslim Directory helps us in our goal of providing useful services to the Muslim community and ultimately benefiting society as a whole.


Sheikh Rafat Najm and all the team at Al-Hikmah Trust”

“We appreciate the really hard work in compiling this valuable directory, It is a complete informative Muslim Directory beneficial to the community. May Allah help you to continue this work of dawah.” –  Dr Salim Mangera, Onehunga Islamic Trust

Excellent idea. May Allah reward you brothers for the wonderful effort. I am prepared to render any assistance within my reach at any time. Once again may Allah make you very successful in your endeavour. — Mohammed Kalam Alam, Mt Roskill

Alhamdulilah, Kiwi Muslim Directory seems notably a good idea. — Nisha Dean, Oracle Accounting & Business Solutions Ltd.

May ALLAH Bless your good efforts in compiling a business directory for the muslim community in NZ. — Dr Hisham Hammodat

At the very outset please accept my good wishes and best regards for a very novel initiative of compiling a directory for the Muslim community which I strongly believe has lot of scope for growth in the immediate future, InshaAllah! Your efforts and the good intent will be particularly useful for our community that will derive lot of benefits from it over a period of time. Wholeheartedly I convey my best wishes and pray to Allah for its every success. — Syed Akbar Kamal, Producer/Director, Darpan-The Mirror

I just received free copy of KIWI MUSLIM DIRECTORY after Juma prayers at Masjid AL MUSTAFA Otahuhu. It is really fantastic effort to bring out such an informative directory. My heartiest congratulations. — Nafis Akhtar

Congratulations on putting this together. I got a copy and think you did an awesome job of compiling all those contacts. — Tayyaba Khan, Ethnic Affairs Advisor

Great Idea. Hope it will flourish. — Br. Ahmed Ali

“We have found Muslim Directory very hand on our visit to Auckland last month. Great work. How about adding a Halal Outlets section, dedicated to Halal restaraunts and food outlets, great for  travellers.” Salams, Zaid, Wellington