In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Important aspects after the birth of a child

  • It is Sunnah to call out the Adhaan into the right ear and Iqaamah into the left ear of the new born baby

{Tirmidhi vol. 1 pg. 183, Jaame’us sagheer}

  • It is preferable to perform Tahneek as soon as the child as delivered

{Saheeh Muslim vol. 2 pg. 209}

Tahneek means to chew a fresh or dry date thoroughly till it becomes very soft and then to put it into the baby’s mouth. Honey may also be used. {Sharah Muslim of Imaam Nawawi pg. 208, Mirqaat-ul-Mafaateeh vol. 8 pg. 154}

  • It is preferable to perform the Tahneeq through a praiseworthy person {Ibid}
  • Should a praiseworthy person not be present there, then it should be taken to them for Tahneek {Ibid}
  • It is preferable to have the child named by a praiseworthy person {Ibid}
  • It is preferable to name the child after the names of the past Ambiyaa and virtuous people {Muslim with the Sharah of Imaam Nawawi vol. 2 pg. 206}
  • It is permissible to name the child as soon as it is born. The child can also be named on the seventh day {Sharah Muslim vol. 2 pg. 208-209}
  • On the seventh day the hair of the child should be removed and weighed. The value of silver equivalent to the weight of the child’s hair should be given in charity. {Tirmidhi vol. 2 pg. 278}
  • It is preferable to perform Aqeeqah for the new born child on the seventh day {Tirmidhi vol. 2 pg. 278}
  • The method of aqeeqah is that if a boy is born, two goats or two sheep should be slaughtered. If a girl is born, one goat or one sheep should be slaughtered. If one cannot afford to slaughter two goats or two sheep for a boy he may slaughter one as well. {Tirmidhi vol. 2 pg. 278}
  • If the Aqeeqah is not done on the seventh day, it should be done on the following seventh day, so on and so forth. The method of calculating the seventh day is that, for example the child is born on a Friday, Aqeeqah should be made on the following Thursday.
  • It is Sunnah for a male child to be circumcised (See below Circumcision services). The child may be circumcised as per its strength, there is no age limit but it should not be delayed. If it is done while the child is young the child will endure less pain. {Raddul Muhtaar vol. 6 pg. 751 H.M Saeed}

Prepared by: [Mufti] Musayyab Sahib, Auckland, New Zealand –

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