Requirements of the Nikah Ceremony
Mutual Consent Agreement between the bride and groom. A legal guardian or representative (Wali), usually the bride’s father. Two adult Muslim witnesses (either 2 males or 1 male and 2 females. Mahr,
which is a gift given to the bride from the groom. Talk to a Islamic Scholar for more information

NZ Law –

Marriage Celebrants


Ayaaz Khan, Mob: 021399963  E:

Khalil Ahmed Nadat, IED Trust Auckland 0226716102 E: 

Mohammed Afiz, Mob: 021800361  E:

Mohammad Amir , IED Trust Auckland

Mohammed Khan 0211748611 Email:

Mohmed Patel, Mount Roskill Islamic Trust Auckland 021-02532786 E: 

Mohammed Tasleem Rahim, Imam Masjid Ayesha Auckland, 021-1589395 E: 

New Zealand Muslim Association 

Rafat Najm, Al  Hikmah Trust, Auckland,  021-1340501

Sarfaraz Sher Ali, IED Trust Auckland 021 136 3111, 

Seyed Mohamed Yoosuf, Mob: 0211543712 E:

Sr Khadija Patel,  Mob: 0211032148 Email:

Sr Sofia Hameed    Mob: 0211418921 Email:

South Auckland Muslim Association Inc 09-2766678

Abdul Salam, Kamal Basha, Muhammad Hameed, Gul Zaman, Auckland (021) 180 9468

Talib Al-Bayati Mob: 0211517311

CHRISTCHURCH Muslim Association Of Canterbury (MAC) – Gamal Fouda, Rolleston 

Farid Ahmed – 

HAMILTONHassan Hussein, Hamilton

OTAGO Muslim Association Incorporated Steven Johnston, Dunedin –(03) 477 1838 


Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand – Khaled Said, Wellington

International Muslim Association of New Zealand Incorporated, Wellington

  • Abdul Jabbar, Porirua
  • Mohammed Shahim 0220828101, Upper Hutt

Tahir Nawaz, Deen Welfare Trust 027 571 0929 E: 

Please contact the local Islamic Centre for more information and Marriage Celebrant in your area.  

Updated: May 2023