Fill2Pure has made life simpler for anyone travelling to places with questionable water sources. We’ve developed the world’s most advanced water filtration system, making it safe to drink water from any contaminated fresh water source. Simply fill up your Fill2Pure bottle at any tap, bore, freshwater river, lake, stream, creek, pond, swimming pool or drain and then instantly enjoy safe and great tasting drinking water. Say goodbye to purification drops, UV light, and reverse osmosis; Fill2Pure filters as you drink it. That’s why it’s used by military and humanitarian organisations in 3rd World environments. We have a full range of water filter bottles (for everyday use, outdoor use, 3rd world travel), water filter Jugs, Travel Water Filter Bottles, tap water filter and shower and bath water filters.

Enjoy great tasting and safe drinking water anywhere, anytime. Fill2Pure has the world’s most advanced filtering technology to instantly remove up to 99.99{076ba247a5e52889c36f467650906d808debc3b0ac75282f1347b63b5aa6dc9d} of all contaminants from any fresh water source.