– FREE – Transferrable voucher, when under 16’s have eye checkup, buy lenses and frames from us. (Voucher to be used for one of the following: Acupuncture, LipoLaser, Fire Cupping or Massage on Thermal Jade Bed).
– FREE eye checkups, lenses and frames for under 16’s on C.S.Cards
– Latst frames, Progressives, Nupolar Polarised (Prescription Sunglasses), Dynamic Sync and Transitional Lenses etc.
– Blue Control Coating- Eye Strain and Fatigue
– Adult Eye Check-ups only $29.00

Acupuncture and Massage Clinic Plus:

– Acupuncture Treatments
– ACC Treatment Provider
– ACC Surcharge only $5.00
– Hijama (Sunnah Medicine)
– Male and Female Hijama Therapists
– Hydra Facial – Natural Face Beauty (no chemicals, thus, no side effects)
– Lipo Laser – Slimming and Fat-Reduction, no cuts or scars, no pain, no side effects.
– Clothes on Massage (no oil and no touching) – on Thermal Jade Bed
– FREE 15 minutes standing/sitting on our latest Blood Circulator Machine
– Open 7 Days
– Please book your appointments (no waiting time)

Additional Info

SpecializationsOptometry, Acupuncture, Cupping, Hijama, Lipo Laser (Fat reduction), Hydra-Facial, Massage, Reflexology, Crystal healing, Nutrition & Herbal supplement
MembershipsNZCMAS, NZASA
Doctor Male
Sunday Open