Jannah Road has been incorporated as a charity organisation in May 2015, our registration number is: CC51652

Our main charitable objectives are as follows;

*To be beneficial to the Muslim and wider community in the areas of:

1. Islamic Religion and Culture:
To provide both Islamic literature and clothing items to the general public.

2. Relief of Poverty:
We operate the Jannah Road op shop which is a donation based shop providing great bargains to all.From the proceeds of these sales we also help those in need.

3. Child, Youth and Family Welfare Support Services:

Currently we are supporting the child placement project run by WTG. Jannah Road gives donations such as clothing and essential items to families in need in our locality.

4. Education:
In the future, God willing we would like to open a long term project aimed at our children to help them before and during school with a focus on Islamic values.

*To establish social enterprise charity shops to raise funds to support the Jannah Road’s charitable aims and objectives.