Quran is for everyone! learning can’t be easier. With us, you will learn how to read, recite and memorize Quran with tajweed with fair fees.
we have the best Azhar graduated teachers from Egypt, Learning journey starts now! contact us

About our teachers :-
Our staff of teachers is the best! we have a strict system and specific criteria for choosing the best, All the teachers are:

Hafith Quran.
Azhar graduate or equivalent.
Fluent in English.
Native Arabic speakers from Egypt.
Professional with working experience.
Passed our tests.
Have a perfect Quran reciting voice.
Available 24/7.
Quran Friends
Why us?
We provide our students with the best Quality Education they can get, with our system of managing the class and our incredible staff of teachers.

Here are some of the highlighted features you get by choosing us:-

Best teachers from Egypt who are Azhar university graduate, certified, tested again by us, native Arabic speakers.
We have our well-made and organized curriculum for best learning.
Flexible classes time 24/7, and scheduling.
Reports every class & Materials.
Regular Evaluation for students.
Regular exams to track advance.
Commitment to student Advance and learning.
Fair fees.