Why Muslim Directory?

According to 2006 census, there are approximately 36,000 registered Muslims (apart from visitors, work permit holders and students) in New Zealand, most of them living in Auckland. After research, we have felt the need to give our community something that would help them in their day-to-day lives.

Why do you think it is useful?

There are many migrants and refugees from Muslim community and this would be helpful for them to locate businesses who can talk and understand there language. Moreover this is a one-stop-shop where Muslims get information about Islamic Centres, Schools, Madarsas and Muslim events and activities, prayer timetable for different cities, Ramadan Timetable and many more.

What free services do you provide?

There is a free Business listing for any Muslim businesses managing throughout NZ, free Matrimonial service, where brothers/sisters can list for free to find their match, free Job listings where businesses can list the vacancies for free. Also we are working on white pages (residential directory).

Do you charge for Business Directory Listing?

There is a free listing and a paid listing/advertisement. Free listing contains only the Name of the Business, address and phone no., where as paid advertisement can attract more clients and the listing is in detail.

Do you charge for Residential Directory?

No, there is no charge for residential directory.

We have Telecom White pages then why should I be bothered with Muslim Directory Residential Directory?

KMD Residential Directory would be useful and easy to locate a friend/family as it is filtered and Telecom white pages lists the entries as per the billing Name, with KMD Residential directory, you can add your name (as you are known as) and your mobile number as well.

What about the confidentiality of my residential address?

We are collecting postal addresses and email addresses for our records and that will not be published in the directory. Only you name and Phone no?s are published.

Are the Restaurants/takeaways are Halal?

We have tried our best to gather information, and had an assurance from the owner that the food is halal; hence we have included the name of the owner in the directory for the convenience. We have also put a notice saying, **Ensure that the food is Halal?**.